Shinnosuke Suzuki

Management in Tokyo & Fukuoka, Japan

Hi! I have built my career as an engineer and manager for Japanese platformers. Currently, I am in charge of the business administration and technical management of a Japanese animation production studio.


Corporate Officer of khara., Inc.

EVP & Shareholder of Project Studio Q., Inc.

CTO & Shareholder of LOCALOO., Inc.

Representative & Owner of The Suzuki Company., Inc.

Senior Fellow of Fukuoka Directive Council.(Fukuoka D.C.)

Past Affiliation

DWANGO Co., Ltd. (2000-2022)




  • Head of System Management
    • EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME (2021)
    • Shin Ultraman (2022)
    • Shin Kamen-Rider (2023)


  • Production Management
    • Business Administration
    • Technology
    • IT System (DX)
  • Education
    • Tokyo Denki University High School
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