Shinnosuke Suzuki

Management in Tokyo & Fukuoka, Japan

Hi! I have built my career as an engineer and manager for Japanese platformers. Currently, I am in charge of the business administration and technical management of a Japanese animation production studio.


Corporate Officer of khara., Inc.

CEO & President (Shareholder) of Project Studio Q., Inc.

CTO (Shareholder) of LOCALOO., Inc.

Representative Director (Owner) of The Suzuki Company., Inc.

Senior Fellow of Fukuoka Directive Council.(Fukuoka D.C.)

Past Affiliation

DWANGO Co., Ltd. (2000-2022)




  • Head of System Management
    • EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME (2021)
    • Shin Ultraman (2022)
    • Shin Kamen-Rider (2023)


  • Production Management
    • Business Administration
    • Technology
    • IT System (DX)
  • Education
    • Tokyo Denki University High School
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